S u m m o O f I t – Customer Complaint Policy

We aim to provide high quality and high standard content which meet your needs. We believe
we achieve this most of the time: if we are not getting it right please let us know.
In order to ensure our we remain at a high and improving standard, we have a procedure
through which you can let us know about any illegal content that violates the standards.
You can use the form below to send your complaint. Our staff will review the complaint,
and in accordance with the terms and conditions decide the validity of such complaint.
All complaints that are reported will be reviewed and handled within 7 business days.
After a decision has been made, the user may appeal the decision within the next 24 hours.
Once a decision is made, all illegal content in question will be removed. If no violation
has occurred, then all said content will remain. If you have been depicted in any content
and would like to appeal removal of such content, please notify us by filling out the form
below. Should the outcome of the investigation determine that consent was not given or is
void under applicable law, all content will be removed. Should there be a disagreement
regarding an appeal, we will allow such disagreement to be resolved by a neutral body so
any potential statements contradicting this will need to be reworded or removed. Should the
content be found to be consensual and legal the cost of proceedings are to be born by the
complaint bearer and the content will remain. We remain and keep the standard that all
content on the website is consensual, each individual depicted in the content has sign a
model release agreement. Please fill out the form below to file your complaint.

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