Hardback book.  256 pages.

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Imani Seduction’s debut erotic novel published under the pen name, Trayre Inkubus, “A Woman’s Worth A Gentleman’s Desire”.

In our society, the average woman lives commonly as a working-class citizen, with plans and dreams of finding true love worthy of commitment, oblivious to their marketable essence and settling for the simple life. Among them is a rare breed of women that crave glamour and wealth, walking a path of promiscuity with a shrewd elegance to fulfill their avarice far more than mere survival sex. Willing to barter their bodies, it takes a certain type of man to understand the psychology of a woman’s worth, proselytizing, utilizing, and giving them the support they need to succeed.

Take a walk in their shoes from the streets to the sheets. Embark on a journey through the perception of these elite gentlemen and women as they denounce the civilian mind state, breaking laws, stiletto heels, and bread like The Last Supper. May their story divulge the misconceptions and unanswered questions of the game for its more than a hustle, it’s a way of life.