Imani Seduction first scene with Richard Mann. 33:23 mins

I go to My friend’s house and her dad answers the door. He tells Me that she’s not at home, but he lets Me go upstairs to use the bathroom. Her dad is following Me up the stairs with his eyes focused on My booty cheeks hanging out of My shorts. He starts fantasizing about Me. He imagines Me down on My knees and sucking his dick. Her dad is really sexy to Me too. I have fun teasing him with My big titties and phat ass. I tell him about My attraction in older men. I take off My top and reach for his pants zipper. He starts nervously looking around afraid that he’ll get caught by his daughter. I put his huge dick in My mouth and I start sucking on it slow. Then he grabs Me by the back of My head and shoves his dick down My throat. From that point on, we started fucking and sucking all kinds of ways.